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Gopher's Minions

Skyrim VR 'Viewer Experience' Testing

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Beside the stutter, the screen looked ... a bit hmmm the words I want to use are gargled and poxulated... There are what seem to be tiny ripple points all over the edges of the screen, not so bad in the center. It isn't all that obvious but my epileptic brain picks it up quite readily. Overall it isn't unwatchable. The stutters are less watchable and I would probably have to watch on the small inset screen, but I have to do that watching most of these videos because sudden panning makes me quite sick quite rapidly. Like going up or down a spiral staircase in Skyrim.

In the present video the thing that makes me the sickest is the wobbles because the viewpoint is constantly shifting as Gopher's head moves.

Also annoying is the hands thing with the chat screen etc.


The OBS NDI view (Left Eye) was in fact much smoother and looked better. 


Skyrim Game view was worse. Yes perspective is wrong. Screen is really narrow.

Couldn't tell any difference between left and right.

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