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Help with Skse skyrim



I'm literally trying for hours to install it but it just doesn't work... everytime I open the game through the skse launcher it opens a black window and closes. And Voltex mod manager is confusing l, I don't know which folders I should put... if you could help it would be amazing!

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Ok there are several things going on right now. I will talk about the old problem first.

Start by making sure all your applications are updated, especially visual display and sound files. Second make sure all windows updates are installed. SKSE assumes this has been done.

SKSE is not always up to date. Disable SKSE and all mods using SKSE and try that. If the game runs without SKSE then the problem is probably in Windows being updated by Microsoft and Skyrim being updated by Bethesda. All you can do is wait for SKSE to issue a new update.

Once you get a version of SKSE working do not run from the Skyrim launcher (.exe or desktop icon) always run from the SKSE launcher and never update Skyrim.

If this doesn't work, then you might have the other problem:

Second problem is due to Microsoft buying Bethesda. Microsoft is making it necessary to have a link to XBOX Live and at the same time is removing a lot of files that are necessary to run old Bethesda games which is breaking many downloads (ie. STEAM). If your game is from STEAM, well, STEAM is working on the problem. A possible work-around is to download all the old support files Microsoft used for their old applications files. I am having the same problem with Fallout 3. STEAM is working on it.

Regardless, start by trying to run an unmodded game. If you can get it to run, then it is not the second problem. If SKSE breaks the game then it is the first problem.

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