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No Way to Get In Touch With GopherVids Co. w/o Signing Up.

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Osiyo, Everyone

Not to stir up waves, but I noticed that GopherVids does not have a direct way to get in contact with the company itself, either via a public-facing business, and/or general inquiries Facebook, Twitter, and/or e-mail address. Is this by design, or just an oversight?

Again, not trying to cause a ruckus; I'm just curious.

~Krow 'Kantorock' Feather

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There are a few who can contact Gopher directly. Questions left here can sometimes be brought to Gopher's attention. But you are correct that there is no way to contact Gopher directly.

Gopher's Vids is not a company. Thus it has no address. It also has no presence on Facebook because of trolling. Gopher sometimes reads comments on You Tube but trolling there is sometimes pretty bad.

Most people do not even know what Gopher looks like and do not know his actual name.

However, on the home page you can use "Find Gopher" to link to his live streams and you can sometimes ask questions directly. Gopher usually reads everything posted on the live streams, or a Moderator will. Many questions are ignored for various reasons. If you direct a question to a Moderator they will frequently answer.

If I have not answered your question just add a question here and I will see it.

I saw you left this question twice.

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Thanks for relying, Cryzeteur. I apologize for the double posting. I'm getting accustomed to my new gear.

I just thought it odd that Gopher Vids would not have a public business/spam e-mail that didn't require people to sign up to a forum that they may be suspicious of, leave a comment on a video that may have nothing to do about the vid', or catch a livestream (which they might not want to do) to try to get in contact with the site about something. There's just no easy, straight-forward way to get in contact with Gopher, or his Generals (I mean that in a good way) without having to just through a lot of hoops.

As for Gopher Vids not being a company, that I did not know; though, I know Gopher keeps his personal life very privet. I've only recently figured out a roughly estimate of his age. lol

Anyways, yes; in a sense, you answered my question. Though, seeing as this sub-section of the forum is entitled "Website Feedback and Suggestions," it was more of site user feedback. But, oddly enough, you did answer an unasked question I had of why there was no Gopher, and/or GopherLive Facebook page. Thanks. =^_^=

~Krow 'Kantorock' Feather

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