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Gopher's Minions

SKYRIM - Special Edition (Ch. 8) #67 : I Do Not Dig!

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I dreamed that I was talking to Gopher about installing the new museum for the next chapter. I told him, "Well you just start the game over with the new DBM mod installed and play quickly up to the point where everything in the museum is stolen. Then you start recording. You edit out the parts that repeat what you did before and only use footage that is different. It could all be handled as a flashback while talking to Inigo. Yes, when the game then goes forward there will be less stuff in the museum, but it was stolen wasn't it. So you will have to go get those things again, because magical powers returned many things back to their place of origin. So all is good. The museum is different and all is explained!"

Then I woke up.

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