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E3 2021


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According to VGC, the idea is to feature partners on a number of livestreams. It may also bring in media to preview games as well as platforms to host demos and more.
Many publishers won’t want to deal with E3 and the ESA.
Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have their own ways of speaking to their customers. They’ve invested in communications teams specifically for that purpose. Nintendo and Sony even previously shifted to doing exactly that before the pandemic.

How long will Not E3 2021 last?
One of the biggest issues that gaming fans had with the 2020 Not E3 stand-in was its elongated nature. Under Keighley’s Summer Game Fest banner, events popped up sporadically for months. That diluted much of the excitement, and it made it really difficult for even dedicated fans to keep up with what was happening.

From what I’m hearing so far, publishers have a desire to condense the experience even if they stray away from the ESA. At least one of the largest gaming companies that I asked about is planning to hold its own independent showcase during the normal E3 media presentation week. And Keighley said on Twitter that Summer Game Fest would run for less than a month.

But that desire for a quick E3 replacement is fighting against other factors. The most important thing to remember is that game sales surged throughout 2020. So the lack of a traditional, hype-friendly E3 did little to hurt revenue. If the effort to bring a succinct E3 to people gets in the way or starts getting expensive, most companies are going to respond to that by delaying and pushing events later into the year.


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