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DarkEnergy RPG Playtest


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Greetings Minions!

Would any of you be interested in joining a playtest of our new tabletop rpg? 

It uses the 5e SRD as the base but has some significant changes. The main one being technology.
The game is based on the DarkEnergy series of novels by N.J. Colesar, here is a link. We are eventually planning a Kickstarter to cover the cost of the artwork, right now most images are placeholders, but we do have a few finished illustrations. The pandemic has thrown our production time off and made in-person playtesting... difficult. This is our first attempt at a game and it is admittedly a little rough around the edges. We hope that with your help we can make an excellent game.


A little about the DarkEnergy Universe. 
In this setting, the relative calm of modern-day earth is shattered when the Veil Between Worlds is ripped asunder, bombarding humanity with magic and monsters on a global scale. The world that was has ended. It is up to you to decide its future. DarkEnergy presents a world in a state of rapid flux, where the dominance of technology is being challenged by the arrival of powerful magic. It’s a world that’s grown beyond the modern or medieval fantasy to become something new.
DarkEnergy lets the players be either the Hero of the story, or the Villain, with both good and evil paths available to be explored. There is a unique Pantheon system with bonuses that allows faith to be rewarded and play more importance than your typical RPG. Players can also start as either a WereCreature or a Vampire if they desire. Play in a modern-day apocalyptic Earth or on one of the many homeworlds of another race.
The core rulebook starts with 13 classes including the Engineer, Psionic and Modern Soldier.  There are 6 playable races; humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and two species of the new anthropomorphic kefali. There are 7 more races planned to unlock with Stretch Goals and an additional 45 species of kefali also available to be unlocked.
DarkEnergy has a robust Rune Crafting system for upgrading equipment as well as Enchanted Tattoo creation. Mutations are also prevalent and can be purchased with Mutation Points or caused by environmental effects. For those more tech-minded there are Cybernetic enhancements available to be crafted and applied.
The game takes place primarily in modern day earth, with several other connected worlds ready to be explored.
There are three technology levels available for you to choose from.
   -Tech Level 0 is a classic medieval fantasy setting and many of the connected worlds fall under this category in the early days.
   -Tech Level 1 is the modern setting, with all the luxuries and technological advancements of today. This is where most of the game is set.
   -Tech Level 2 is a near-future setting with experimental technology aided by the use of magic to make rapid improvements to existing tech.
The DarkEnergy core rulebook is a hardcover full-color book estimated at about 300 pages. Its features include:
  -Good, Neutral and Evil alignment paths
 - Playable Curses - WereDisese and Vampirism 
  -Numerous worlds - each race has a homeworld that is ready to be explored
  -3 game settings - Classic Fantasy, Modern Apocalyptic, and Near Future
  -Pantheon/Faith bonus system
  -Classic Fantasy, Modern and Futuristic weapons, vehicles, spells and skills
  -New anthropomorphic Kefali race with numerous species to choose from
  -New races, including Small, Medium, and Large characters.
  -New classes, including Engineer, Psionic and Modern Soldier
  -Simplified magic system
  -Rune Crafting mechanics
  -Enchanted Tattoo creation
  -Companions and Henchmen
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