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(copy/paste from the old forum)

This adventure takes place in 4E 60 in the Cyrodillic city of Bravil. You can use your character from the other adventure or make a new one for this thread, though keep in mind, this is going to be a Thieves Guild quest… so don’t use a char that hates the Thieves guild or anything…

Synopsis: You are all members of the Bravil chapter of the Thieves guild. You receive a message that the the Leyawiin chapter hasn’t been heard from in weeks and all attempts to contact them have failed. Beyond that it is believed that the Gray Fox himself was in fact visiting the city and is also presumed missing. Your group will be asked to send out members to travel to Leyawiin and investigate, and if possible, to track down the Gray Fox and the other Guild members.

Guidelines: Keep to a basic turn order but if at least two people have posted feel free to post again. Also feel free to COMBINE posts, allowing for more possible interactions between characters. (For example if player A wants to use player B in their post, send a PM to ask permission and collaborate on a post) Try and replay in a timely manner when possible and if it’s not possible please let us know….and, as always, Have Fun!

Hey! I'm in the process of moving this thread over... I heard from some people that they might be interested in joining so we'll wait a bit longer to really get going.







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Posted! Sorry it's taken me sooooo long! Real life has been kicking my ass... but I'm done waiting for the others to join us. If they come back at some point and want to re-join they are more then

Mmkay so I've spent way too long trying to size up our characters in the Thieves line-up... most of the heights were guessed so let me know if I've got something wrong... for reference here's a pic wi

Schmidy, I've been meaning to ask, so I'll do so here: "Master Mason?" I wasn't around for the story behind that.

Very off topic :P, but it's from my time on ESO. I have forgotten who started it, but at the end of Anchor hunting we'd start "repairing" where the Anchor landed. By repairing I mean we'd just start hammering the stone structure. I'm not sure if I said we should make it a tradition (probably wasn't me), but it just became a thing, and thus The Master Mason was born...

Hope I explained that well enough :|

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It's up to you. :) And there's no reason that whatever decision you make now has to be permanent. Depending on how the story goes it should be possible for her to leave (off to gather intel or set something up) or join up with the characters later depending on how tricky it is to keep all of the threads together.

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Okay then I think I'll be having Aslin come on the mission...

Oh! and I've grown quite partial to the skill system we made up for Between the Lines. Please add in your skills into your character threads. Feel free to use the Basic Character Sheet I have in the Character creation guide. ^_^ Thanks!

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Naris is an Imperial if I read correctly.

Naris is indeed an Imperial, since crossbreeds are always the mother's race, but he does have some Dunmer traits, for example, he will probably live longer. Not as long as an actual Dunmer, but still a fair bit longer than a regular Imperial. He has a muscular build, but he also looks a bit wirey, like most Dunmer. And his eyes are very, very dark for a human.

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The thread is officially off hiatus and I am just waiting on a few of the new peps to finish up their characters and enter the scene. This is the easiest moment to gather everyone together so we'll wait a bit longer and then get a head count.

As most of us will be moderately familiar with each other as we work together in the Guild feel free to post here what your character would/might think or feel about the other characters. We should have basic understanding of existing relationships and dynamics to help fill out the role-playing. (this obviously does not include Noct or Soris as we will have just met)

Super quick before I pass out for the night I'd say that Aslin has been the acting head of the Bravil chapter for four or five years now, coming from the Imperial City before that. She has worked very hard to gain the trust of her new crew and would be well respected, even if seen as a "new addition" by some of the older members. She listens more then talks and acts with both logic and fairness in all leadership acts.

She is remarkably honest and straight-forward for a thief, though her sarcastic nature and dry-humor can sometimes come across as rude or mocking to those who don't know her very well. She is clever and quick-witted and very much attracted to these traits in others.

Aslin would probably get on rather well with Falcona after carefully watching her technique and unique skills and being duly impressed. She would trust Falcona's instincts and listen to her advice. She might feel like Falcona has a tendency to be slightly "mothering" (in spite of the fact that she is actually younger then the Bosmer ,though she doesn't know that) but accepts her in good nature and utilizes her as the asset that she is.

Naris would be considered a promising "new" thief. Aslin would have poked around a bit and learned what she could of his past, and choosing to act as though she hadn't. Everyone had a right to a second chance and she could see a bit of her own journey in the man, becoming a thief out of necessity instead of any real joy or passion for the job.

Elik would also be considered "new" though it's possible that these two might have known each other in the Imperial City before reuniting in Bravil. (Schmidy let me know what you think about this) She would appreciate his pick-pocketing skills and get along well with his light-hearted nature.

Note that I'm reading quite a bit into some of this hypothetical relationships, let me know if you disagree or if I'm off the mark on any of it. ^_^

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After reading most of the character sheets for this RP I have very high hopes for it, so many interesting characters :)

Aslin has almost certainly caught Naris' eye more than once, and he has most certainly heard of her. He admires her reputation, even though he does not know much about her. He likes how she treats the other thieves and her graceful way of doing things. Since Naris' usually is the one sitting quietly in the corner, hidden under his hood, they probably haven't met. He is fascinated by her though.

Naris doesn't really know anything about Elik, but he would probably be fascinated by his as a thief. As a person, only time will tell.

Noct would probably be considered a legend by Naris, even though he wouldn't understand why anyone would devote their lives to a Daedra. Being a fierce follower of Julianos, and shunning, if not outright hating Daedra, he probably would have a certain bias against Noct. This might change if he gets to know him, but that is something we'll have to see in the story.

Naris will most likely not like Soris. He hates people who laught easily and has a bit of an aversion to slick figures like Soris, they tend to tick him off. He probably could appreciate his skills (except for the Dark Brotherhood part), but that is about it. He'll probably try to speak with him as little as humanly possible, and when he opens his mouth he'll probably be trying to put the Elf back in his place with a dry and demeaning comment.

Naris would probably respect Falcona for her skill, and appreciate her ability to blend with a group of people. We'll see what he thinks of her as the story goes along.

if anyone disagrees with this, please feel free to let me know :)

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Eliks point of view:

Noct is someone that Elik has heard of, or even met before while he was in the imperial City. The level of interaction would not have been high, despite his quick rise within the Guild.

Elik would have doubted Falcona's skills, but I think his short time in Bravil would have quickly changed his opinion of her greatly. Despite his arrogant outlook on life he'd be looking to learn from her and Aslin.

Marie, I love the idea that Aslin and Elik would have known each other. Being as young as he is, the two could have met when he first joined as a 9 year old. Quiet possibly with Aslin even having a sort of motherly impression on Elik, even if she didn't directly look after him. This would have been the main reason for him to join the Bravil Chapter house. Let me know what you think about this.

As for the new comers, for now (until I/we know more about who is coming and each other's characters), Elik doesn't think too highly of them. His arrogance means he'd rather do things himself than ask for their help. As I say, this is sort of a provisional outlook until I/we know more.

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Soris, despite being privileged in upbringing, tries to keep a wide open view of the world. He discriminates none at all, and is fascinated by new ways of doing things. He's quite the philanderer, and has a very broad view of feminine beauty, and likes to enjoy said beauty, so he's a constant flirt (whether he knows it or not). People being rude or uncouth roll off his back, if he notices at all, a general bon vivant. His alter ego, the Night Kiss, would be fairly well known among the underworld and guards, but not so much the general public (the evil you don't know); no one outside the Dark Brotherhood know it's Soris, though. You can expect him to enjoy everyone's company pretty easily, and will try to be lighthearted and easy going, even in difficult situations. And he's just damned likable, even to people who hate him. He'll be someone known around both the Bravil and Imperial City chapters of the guild as an art thief and appraiser, and by the law abiding public as a sociable and helpful neighbor. His Dunmer family history is completely unknown, but his growing up makes him value family greatly, so he tends to treat any group he joins as just that. He'll likely use "brother" or the like for any male he works with, and "love," etc, for any female he works with.


Yes, Forest, the "beggar with mismatched eyes" in his intro post is a chance passing encounter with Noct, though Soris doesn't know it, and probably won't make the connection, at least not at first. Feel free to have the details of that encounter, because Soris was probably, at the time, planning his next bedroom escapade.

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