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Skyrim SE start game



Game starts and I receive the following when "the skyrim script extender (skse64) is not running. SkyUI will not work correctly." Hit OK and receive "FNIS sexy move stopped with Error(s): Fnis version V0.00 older tan required. Skse not started."  SKSE64 is the latest and loaded as normal, and Sexy move is the latest version also. Whats is happening and how do I correct it..   Thanks for reading...

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Run FNIS outside the program boot. If it runs normally then the Sexy Moves actions are correctly installed. To do this, start Vortex. It should open with the Dashboard visible, if not switch to the Dashboard. Make sure Skyrim Special Edition is displayed in the game box. On the right side a small box should show Fores New Idles In Skyrim, if not use Add A Tool and add it. Click on the arrow to run FNIS. Make sure the two top options (GENDER and SKELETON) are checked and only those unless you know what you are doing. Then click "Update FNIS Behavior. When it is done you can click Consistency Check, When complete click EXIT. If you get errors something is not installed correctly.

Make sure you run  skse64loader to start the game with SKSE running. If you don't know how to do this ask and I will explain.

When the game starts SKSE should run without error. If not, ask again.

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