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What´s in your basement IT-related-if-all-else fails?

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I used to have seven computers and parts but when my parents died I down-sized and now only have a PS-1, PS2, PS3, XBOX-2 and some miscellaneous cords, adapters, power supplies, and what not.

It is all stuffed into several boxes and an uninteresting cabinet.

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I have a handful of computers, laptops and monitors in various states of disrepair. The first one I tried to revive was this one: a quad core 2,5Ghz HP 8000 elite.

It has 8Gb of RAM and a Geforce210. I tried to configure it with a SB Audigy 2 sound card, but I can´t get it to work properly. The drivers are in, but I guess I have to disconnect the onboard sound or something. Anyway, with an USB wifi, I can use this PC in a pinch. 

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Buried in the far end was my old workstation i7 laptop. Turns out it´s faster than my current laptop. I use a docking station and had to plug keyboard and such as things don´t work properly in the machine. Some pesky connector got bent when I opened it up.
It works fine as a desktop replacement. Got 1300 points on CPUz benchmark. 
I guess I have to bring it in from the porch if I am to use it though. Getting cold out here.
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