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Gopher's Minions

Hello from DE, USA

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Well, as I seem to be the official greeter now. No idea what dimensional hole the old official greeter fell into... Anyway...

Welcome to the forums nooKers!  ;)

Just the usual warning: Be aware that there are flying cats with flamethrowers, bats with nukes, and flying rats with laser pistols. If you see one duck. umm... I don't think I mean to quack like a duck... not sure ... I think it means to get down on your knees as cats and bats and rats are a real nuisance to untangle from your hair.

We used to offer cookies, totally nutrient-free, made from the finest ingredients found in Fallout buildings and waste dumps. They were created by our resident mad chemist, but he seems to have eaten too many cookies and gone into hibernation... If you find one -- Gopher used to distribute them in Minecraft -- feel free to grab it for a snack. No mutations have been reported since most of us stopped playing Prey.

Anyway -- Welcome to the forums minion! um... if you don't like being called "minion" don't worry... no one calls minions minions anyway.

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