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I am thinking of getting Minecraft, where should I start in terms of mods and if I decide to start vanilla

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I am thinking of getting Minecraft, where should I start in terms of mods and if I decide to start vanilla. I have always been a person to think Minecraft was a kiddie game and never came across the idea of ever playing it at all and avoided it and mocked it. But over the years and watching Gopher & Chay together playing the game and individually. I have come around to this game and I am intrigued to see what it would be like to play it and explore this endless world.

Any tips, mods ideas, and where to start if I want to explore the vanilla version first. I heard windows Minecraft is good and yet Java has a lot more content. So could I have guidance to what ids what and the best of the best

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First thing is to sign into the Gopher Minecraft server. There are instructions here -- somewhere

If you can't sign into Gopher's Minecraft server you can do what I did and play a single player game. It is a very complex game. The only thing simplistic about it is the block design of everything. I spent something like 100 hours in it.

As to where you should start? Well, Minecraft is the biggest universe in gaming -- maybe. There is a star exploration game that is growing that may be larger. You can be in a heavily populated server, run off into the distance and never see another individual again.

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It is not infinite but it is such a big world that it might as well be. If you look at Gopher's video's you can get a good idea of what you can easily do. If you look at the postings here you can get an idea of how complex the game can get.

just type in : "gopher video minecraft"

especially good are:

His play with Chay and Quarico are also very amusing.

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I general I would start experiencing Miniecraft in its Vanilla state. There's a lot to explore and also a lot of ressources to build and design with. The only common things, that you could check out early on are resource packs, Optifine and, if your machine can handle them, shaders. Resource packs provide you just other/better textures. I played completely vanilla for rather a long time, but since I'm using resource packs, I reallly wouldn't want to go back on full vanilla! There's a huge supply for resource packs in the internet, although probably most packs won't be updated for the newest version, yet. Optifine, which brings some general optimization and additional settings and is also required for shaders, is only available for 1.14.4 yet. So it might be better starting on an older version. The Minionland server for example still runs on 1.12.2.

For more experienced users there are lots of large mods and overhauls that allow you really complex tech-game play or bring magic to Minecraft and so on. But I'm really not an expert on those things. You just certainly find a lot of videos on youtube regarding this topic.

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