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Do you Believe in Aliens or life beyond our Galaxy or in it

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Do you Believe in Aliens or life beyond our Galaxy or in it, would love to know what all your opinions are on Aliens. I am not going to say, they have visited my house and took me on a Navigator ride throughout the planet or I have had a third kind encounter, it has always been a question to ask oneself or ask others and get the many many view points and opinions upon this really self understanding of life and if we are the only ones with a really infinite massive front garden 

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My dad was involved in the 1847 saucer crash and I worked for DARPA. 

Aside from what I can't or shouldn't say, I go along with the idea that life is inevitable. As a biologist this makes sense. There are arguments about how unique Earth is, but at the same time, life can survive under the most extreme circumstances. Is all life carbon-water-oxygen-nitrogen based? Maybe. Maybe not. There is some evidence of complex organics forming in space, possibly in comets. There are many forms of life on earth that do not use standard biology. My view is: Give a molecule a chance to do something and it will. Over time anything can happen and does.

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Amazing friend, I think the Drake equation as a lot of stake in this question to answer solution I guess

N=R_* \cdot f_P \cdot n_e \cdot f_l \cdot f_i \cdot f_c \cdot L
N = number of civilizations with which humans could communicate
R_* = mean rate of star formation
f_P = fraction of stars that have planets
n_e = mean number of planets that could support life per star with planets
f_l = fraction of life-supporting planets that develop life
f_i = fraction of planets with life where life develops intelligence
f_c = fraction of intelligent civilizations that develop communication
L = mean length of time that civilizations can communicate "
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The Drake equation is severely flawed. We have no idea what is needed to develop life. Currently there is evidence that complex organic molecules develop in the galactic and planetary clouds. These organics and water rain down on all the planets. We do not know much about these organics. It is possible that life could begin in these extraplanetary clouds. We, as scientists, simply do not know. Even the concept of "intelligence" cannot be defined. You can throw together equations to define anything, but some equations are nothing but nonsense.

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5 hours ago, Sophieskyrim1984 said:

I can get on board that the Drake equation is flawed and broken. So it leaves us at a dead end really. Since we are still learning about ourselves in many ways. Another life form will be even harder to understand to start with


9 hours ago, SlyDessertFox said:

Statistically, it would be incredibly unlikely for there to not be life somewhere else in the universe. Similarly, I assume that intelligent life (however you define that) has emerged elsewhere as well.

It is not that the equations are broken, it just a misuse of statistics. You have to base equations on relationships that make mathematical sense. Things like life and intelligence are too badly defined, that is have too many undefined or unknown variables, to be put into an equation. You can not say there is a good "chance" there is intelligent life elsewhere. All you can say is it is beyond science to estimate such a thing. We simply do not know what the limitations of life and intelligence are. The organics in extraplanetary materials might be alive and might be intelligent. If so, intelligent life could permeate the entire universe, we simply don't know.

The quantum aspect of consciousness is being investigated but it is highly controversial.

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How about this. If and this is a massive IF, if we are entirely a lone in this universe and say there are many or infinite universes and our existence is to explore ours and rap on the door of others to say hello or this is the only infinite or extremely large universe and our existence is upon meeting and becoming a united universe and peace and love all that amazing wonder

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