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Your best Philosophers or Spiritual guides


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A disclaimer, I am in no way endorsing a political or religious view here, these videos are of a none political or religious nature. Spirituality yes falls within religion, but these videos do not as they are more focused on mind and heart. Some videos within the link have other context, that is up to you to view and enjoy.

I removed an Alan Watts video, as it does speak of religion and politics

My bad if I get into trouble for this, I hold myself responsible 

Your best Philosophers or Spiritual guides, I have many Philosophers I follow and turn to for advice through their books, videos, and thinking. Connecting to them on a mind to mind level, also spiritual guides are the ones I turn to when my mind is full of unwanted thoughts that distract me all day and interfere with my heart talking to the world, God, and the Universe. 

So here are some Videos of two Philosophers I adore and Spiritual Guides I adore

Alan Watts tops the list of Philosophers, as he has been a presence in my life for over 4 years now and the way he converses with the crowd and lectures is amazing and my other Philosopher, is Diogenes and his amazing cynical observation of humanity and how cynical we truly are

Alan Watts Video of which is one my favourites and I listen to it all the time. This is a lecture plus it has amazing music mixed in.


Diogenes Video plus a link to the other videos



My Spiritual guides are many. But a few I watch are here at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytQ5_IeFYxSpTmUhk2h8HQ/videos

 So let us know your most adored or favourite and let us see if we all follow a similar path or a different one

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16 hours ago, Sophieskyrim1984 said:

I put a Disclaimer at the start of the post. I do not know if that is enough

It is in the off-topic. I am OK with what you posted. I look forward to checking them out.

I do like the No guns, God or politics rule but these seem more like self help not vote for X in the next election.

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