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The Elder Scrolls VI theory thread on characters, time period, story, lore, and intro

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I wonder if this might be a good idea, but hey I am going to give it a shot. I am asking any and all to come up with there theories on story, time period, characters, lore, and intro of Elder Scroll VI. What you think these are and what role the characters will play, how the lore is going to be laid out, what time period it will take place in, what the story will be and what intro will be constructed. Will the intro be as Iconic as the skyrim one or something generic.

I will be posting my own theories soon, as it is a tall order to go off the top of my head. But what I will say on the Lore front, I believe that the time period of Elder Scrolls VI will be either during or a hug amount of time after the events of Skyrim. If during that period, I see word being dropped of the dragon invasion and the stormcloaks and the empire in a civil war and many other stories and if a huge amount of time has past say 200 or 500 years after the events of Skyrim, books, tablets, parchments, and families will tell stories of the events of Skyrim.

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Actually Ii think it is set some 60 years after Skyrim when the war against the elves is in full swing. Skyrim and Cyrodill are a war zone with elves everywhere. The Empire is either fallen or on the brink of falling.  You were captured in an Elven raid and are thought to be an elven sympathizer and thrown in prison. The Northwestern resistance doesn't trust anyone and there is a war between factions of the politics, houses, and guilds between cities. Magic users are especially feared because they might have contact with the elves. All in all, Tamriel is a mess. 

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5 hours ago, Sophieskyrim1984 said:

That is an awesome point friend. I am still always intrigued by others way of thinking when it comes to this Rich, Deep, and incredible Lore

And the main quest: There is the Tower. The world is going to be so messed up that you must work a miracle in the World Tower to make it right. This could reset creation, get rid of all magic, or not work and destroy everything.

This problem is caused by the drastic and massive overuse of magics by the elves and the defenders.

Because this action is so drastic, all the Daedra are involved in either helping or hindering. But the Daedra are always at war.

I should add that the guilds and houses have quests to infiltrate their rivals and this sometimes requires assassination.

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