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Skyrim invisible followers



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This is very common, however, I have never heard of a follower being invisible. Commonly, followers get stuck or are deliberately barred from certain areas or quests. Fast travel or passing through a portal (door) will recall them to you and they will appear. You can save and reload the game to force them to appear. If they don't appear on reload then you are in an area where followers are banned.

Of course, sometimes followers simply go home or off on a quest built into the follower mod.

An actual invisible follower that is really there and talking to you? I have never had this happen. If that is your problem say so. That would require an entirely different discussion.

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Then your problem is invisible meshes. This is caused by the needed meshes being deleted and somehow being replaced by ghost meshes. If the mesh is actually missing, the mesh appears as a blue polygon.

So you have invisible meshes active.

1. Open the console

2. left click on the follower to target the follower. Make sure you click on the follower to bring up the followers ID..

3. In the console, enter "setav invisibility 0" and it will return the setting to the default of zero. If you still have problems with your eyes and armor after that, take off your armor, save, exit, reload, and put it back on and see if it still does it.

4. close the console. The follower should reappear.

- if this doesn't work you can try "setghost 0"

If this doesn't work then you have somehow replaced normal meshes with invisible meshes. So, if the above fails: To fix this you need to remove the ghost meshes. Probably, uninstalling the mod for the follower and reinstalling it will fix the problem. The question is, where is the game picking up the invisible meshes. Reinstalling the mod might not work if the invisible meshes are being given priority.   This might be fixed through load order, except you would have to identify where the invisible mesh is coming form.

So, what it boils down to is a broken mod, a bad mod, or improper installation.

A worse case scenario would be to reinstall all your mods that have body meshes in them. Checking for the problem on each install.

Hope this helps.

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