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Gopher's Minions

GREEN HELL #4 : Starting Over

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Why did you start over and not do the story?

The micromanagement is still awful. Glitches are worse than Bethesda. Dropping stuff instead of placing it makes it feel really disorganized. The lack of stats makes it impossible to keep track of how you feel.

I have to admit this was much improved over the first attempt. Much more interesting.

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I looked back through my watch history and thought I'd gone crazy & dreamed up the whole Chay & Gopher in Green Hell.  I was loving it!!!  I do SSSOOO hope that they make this a new survival adventure.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching their not-quite Forest-like game play.

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RIP? The VODs for this are gone from the channel.

it may be old news by now but on last Sunday's stream Gopher said he removed them because of the type of comments they were attracting.  Anyway, they remain on twitch for a bit if you want to see them, it's where I usually watch VODs if I miss a stream.  

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