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PODCAST#21 : Rage Against The Dark

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19:42 I ran my Gamma up to 1.6 in all three colors and could see the scene more clearly and it did look slightly washed out (no rure blacks).My graphics card is set to full-range.

21:04 Not washed out. Pure blacks in shadows. I can see the rocks in the lower left. Yes. It does look better.

21:37 I could see nothing but BLACK. I tried boosting brightness and contrast and gamma and still could see nothing. Boosting my desktop brightness resulted in a grey screen but I could still not see the wood at all. Even at max gamma and brightness, still no wood - just a grey screen.

23:48 I can see the rock fairly clearly in the lower left.

29:48 Yes it is clearer and brighter. Easily see the boots

31:37 Yes. ENB on is brighter because the candle lights an area. However in the dark areas, ENB has no effect what so ever.

39:23 Yes. Much brighter. Ramp is clear. And, yes. Ambiance is gone. Looks like a place with soft spot-lights. Stage lighting.

42:15 Leonard disappeared in the black stairs for me. Really dark.

45 :45 Looks fine. Very Harry Potter.

BTW KCD is fairly easy to do basic modding.

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