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Do not know what happened. Was playing Fallout 4, logged out of game and had deleted several mods I no longer wanted thru Vortex. After a while I logged back into the game selected character and then it started to load heard several clicking sounds . My character was without clothing, hair , tattoos etc..and what had been built was gone this items floating (such as moved workstation). It acted as if it was stating from the very beginning of the game but not in the bathroom. I have tried deleting all my mods and deleted game then reinstalled game and mods. Even tried creating new character, and it does the same thing when I leave the game and log back into game with the new character. What happened ?

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This is typical of what happens when you are using a mod that has special textures on vanilla items. When the mod is removed, the special textures are removed. The only way to get them back is reinstall them..

You say you reinstalled the game and it did not fix the problem... This is caused by a messy reinstall. You need to delete the texture file so that the game uses the BSA. This will remove ALL special textures so all mods have to be reinstalled. The reason for this is that the pointer to the texture is stored in the mesh.

Another problem ... if you are running off of STEAM, STEAM will sometimes do strange things if you have sync problems or you are running STEAM mods. Sometimes the only way to fix this is to delete all STEAM mods. Bethesda mods probably act the same. Both systems think they are right and you are wrong so they do not update properly.

When I get this problem I usually either ignore it if it is minor, find the missing meshes and stick them back in the proper place in the texture file, or do a genuine complete vanilla reinstall, completely deleting the game folder.

I keep a vanilla game backup so I don't have to download from STEAM.


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