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Red Dead Redemption 2 Question

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So has anyone here played the RDR 2 (Console, I am not talking online thing)?   I purchased the PC version and am looking forward to having it carry me through until April 2020.  But I have some questions... the main question is what is this Single Player and Story Mode ?   Is Single player more of  a just play around not to worry about the quest and the Story Mode more of  follow the quest but still be an open world?  I don't understand.


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Story mode is for players to just follow the story. It is like easy mode. There is no actual "story mode" ... "story mode" is a general term for any game that offers an easy mode that allows the player to just follow the story and skip a lot of the hard stuff.

Single player mode is the standard mode for you to play alone. You still get the story. The alternative is multiplayer mode or guest player mode where someone joins you.

Regardless of the mode you still get the open world and all of the content.

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