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The fact that you talk about ‘writing a script’ to deal with the key remapping gives me pause.  Are you still using AutoHotkey or something similar?  I seem to remember that AHK gave you some trouble with certain macros getting ‘stuck’.

Have you tried making a custom keyboard layout for your Thrustmaster with Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator?  If the Thrustmaster registers as an ordinary keyboard, that should be possible, and it strikes me as a much cleaner and more reliable solution.  With a one-time investment of a bit of time, you could create a keyboard layout that closely resembles the WASD region of a US-QWERTY keyboard and should be compatible with 90% of games right out of the box — e.g. setting the keys labelled ‘↑←↓→’ to send the VKEY codes for ‘WASD’, and the ‘A1-9’ buttons to the usual surrounding keys like ‘TAB, Q, E, R, F, SHIFT, CTRL, Y, X’ in positions that are good for you.

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