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Hello fellow minions,

For this month of October, my gaming club started the "Adventober", pretty much we took the concept of Inktober but applied it to writing brief suggestions for mini- tabletop adventures (since most of us can't draw at all).

So, every day we get a single word and we need to put down a suggestion based on it.

If you want to contribute it will be great! If you want to share these ideas on Facebook/Twitter/whatever with the hashtag #Adventober that's even better.

For October 1st the word is: Moon.

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System: Warhammer Fantasy RPG (any edition)

"Morrslieb, the Moon of Magic.
Its power was never greater than in the first days of the second millennium after the coming of Sigmar, when its green light lit the madness of the streets of the thrice-cursed Mordheim! Yet, we must go there - to those ruins destroyed by order of Magnus the Pious - to discover the nature of the being that haunts us... We don't know if it's a restless spirit from the afterlife or an acursed spawn of Chaos, but Morsslieb is ascending once again."
(From the journal of Hector Von Lienstein, Magister of the Light College)

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When Moon sleeps with Sun,

All fractures cease,

When Moon joins Sun,

The dragons play in peace.

But should the Limpet wake the pair,

Giggling, smiling, tickling, vain,

They arise in anger from their lair,

Quick  thunder harbors more than rain.

Edited by Cryzeteur

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System: Any (but with high lethality)

𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚣𝚘𝚠, 𝟷𝟿𝟺𝟹

How much time has passed?

You have no idea. Weeks. Perhaps months. Two? Maybe three?

You have no idea how time passes in this hell on earth.

You look at the other prisoners wandering aimlessly, everyone with a triangular patch sewed on the jacket. Green for common criminals. Red for politcal prisoners, brown for the gypsies, two yellow ones for the Jews...

But to many of them color doesn't matter anymore, they can only see the one of the guard's uniforms.

And you?

Maybe you still have a bit con conscience, a grian ol will to resist. Maybe you do have a chance to escape... but are you going to? Are you going to try knowing that other will pay the price of your choice?

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I shall resist as the poplar does,

Bend and sway, bend and sway,

"Ha! Ha! You cannot hit me!" says,

The Gopher dodging well away.

"I'll let Inigo take the blow!

He doesn't mind an arrow or three.

Gives him a deed about to crow!

I'll just hide here. Just invisible me!"

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System: 7th Sea Second Edition


In the name of al-Musawwir, graceful and merciful,

Two men sat in the shadows of a doorway dacorated with azure tiles. They watched the crowd and tasted the smell of spices and camel wool riding on the gusts of wind from the East.

"Calm yourself! He will come." ordered the first man, a tall and slender character, whose countenance a mustache betrayed the Jannissary from a mile away, even without the uniform.

His co-conspirator, short but equally thin and with the skin burned by many journeys across the desert, spat in rage: "Do not patronize me, Anatoli, we are not tyring to sell a lame camel!"

"Absolutely correct. Well thought and better said, I say." interjected a third voice.

Without flinching the Jannissary bowed: "You're late, yabancı efendisi."

"So true, so true." answered the newcomer, showing a complex series of evolutions with his featherted hat. "I'm in the wrong, of course, but you have to excuse me for taking some... additional precautions."

The man from the desert cracked his neck: "Do you not trurst us?"

"From the men who are going to sell the secret of their ruler I expect anything!"

"She isn't my ruler! I'm loyal to the Shah!"

"As you sya, mes amis, as you say... and you, monsieur le caporal, what do you have to say?"

"Nothing." grunted the soldier. "I mighit be a traitor or a patriot, but neither you nor the sultana will judge me... only history."

#Adventober #Day3

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Shah Zaman was Sultan of Samarkand;
One day he caught his favorite wife abed;
And cut them both a central band;
"I shall marry one a day," he said;
I trust that for a single day;
A woman may resist her urge;
And nary any man may have his way;
Before she sing her funeral dirge."

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Famine is, Oh! such delight!
It kills the rats right along with me!
So many dead they litter the street!
Not one sweetroll, sold or free!
Inigo sighs, "Not even one?"
"Mr. Butterfly is not amused,
Really, Gopher should make a ton!"
But, Please, not one that's already used."


Edited by Cryzeteur

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System: Dark Herey or Wrath & Glory

Armelia is a simple agri-world of the Chimera Secudus system, in the Segmentum Ultima. Thanks to its absurdly productive hydroponic farm, Armelia feed the other three populated worlds of the system and at least another dozen outposts in the Subsector Caligua... at least it did...

Less than three months ago a parasite ravaged the local plantations, destroying almost 83% of the food production. The vaunted military power of the Imperium was useless against this catastrophe.

The powerful cogs of the Administratum started turning, slow and unreleting as a glacier, to decide if it was more efficient saving Armelia or burning the infected crop, condemning many secondary worlds to starve.

Meanwhile, the Radical Inquistor Lukas Zane recruited a team of Magos Biologis from the nearby Forge-World of Calixis to synthetize a counteragent. While the adepts of the Machine God struggle with samples and test tubes, Zane's accolytes have another task: discover who was behind this plague... if there was really someone.

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