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The ULTIMATE Elder Scrolls Game #1 : Character

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I agree with Gopher on everything but the future of voiced protagonist. I don't think technology is quite up to it yet, but I think the future is to have your voice synthesized so that you can choose accent, racial characteristics, tone, inflection and presentation. You can then craft your voiced personality however you want it. When someone like Gopher is doing a role play you should allow then to turn the character voice off. Text on screen for those who want it.

This problem bleeds over into character choices and how those choices are displayed. Morrowind has been lauded as the best choices available with the best branches in game play, but AI interfaces could do a far better job at analyzing player choices and present choices that most resemble the likely choices that character would make at that point in the game with more choices that are not displayed because it is not in the character's personality.

AI could invent brand new choices and analyze the game for immediate and more far-flung consequences.

This is of course at least 10 years in the future, but some of this should begin appearances in games in 5 years.

This in turn bleeds into NPC responses to the character. Skyrim is better than Morrowind, but we still get a lot of incorrect NPC responses. I don't care if an NPC doesn't know about more or less secret events, but NPC responses to things that NPC just witnessed should be more appropriate.

i.e. soldiers should never be disrespectful to their commanding officer. mages should never be disrespectful to the head of the mages guild... etc. 

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