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Ender Ender Item Return Schematic

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@Brinicio, I can't remember who you said is building in the Ender Ender now, but here's a schematic for them, per my lost diamond pick from February. It puts a single item-sorter rail and a dropper elevator (clicky version) beneath the ender-ending pad, so ender pearls go downstream but any other item is pushed through the floor to the ender-ending player.


Ender Ender Item Return.schematic

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Hi! Apologies for being half-a-year late, but this actually wouldn't be possible, unfortunately, as the Ender is actually built just above y0. Items are currently sorted soon after they're raised to a buildable level, but as they can only be filtered following the initial collection, it does take a moment due to all the pearls moving through the system.


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