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On 6/23/2019 at 4:12 PM, tofelhounded1775 said:

I'm now getting the vanishing/reappearing affect when looking away from what I'm building and ever item I'm building walls etc.. vanish and reappear. Since I've switched from NMM to Vortex.. Everything was running fine with NMM and now everything is going to sh_t with Vortex. Anyone now how to fix this ?


Always remember to state which game you are talking about. As I recall you are playing Fallout IV. I have never had quite this problem but it is caused by the way the game keeps track of meshes and textures. The game has "nodes" which trigger all the nearby meshes and textures. The game does not load meshes and textures until a node is triggered. So untriggerred meshes do not appear. Because the field of view is linked to this, items in front of you are visible farther. It is similar to LOD. It is very unlikely this has anything to do with Vortex, though the load order might do this. I had something similar happen when I violated the maximum number of meshes and textures being loaded at one point. The problem probably is related to how much you have built in one location. 

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