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So how about that GOG Galaxy 2.0?

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GOG Galaxy is a Steam-like client for GOG's digital storefront that's really quite good and offers the added bonus of being completely optional: You can conduct all your GOG-related business through it, or you can ignore it completely and continue downloading your games directly from the site and running them through Windows Explorer—or a DOS prompt, if you're a truly dedicated retro-type. 

Galaxy 2.0, announced today, sounds like a more ambitious undertaking, as it promises to combine all of your games, online friends, and other data in one place. The idea is that you'll connect the new client to your various online accounts and platforms, including consoles—a list hasn't been confirmed yet, but a rep said that the goal is "to have all major platforms officially integrated in the app"—at which point it will import your libraries and friends lists, essentially acting as a big-tent overlay for Steam, EGS, Origin, and so forth. It will also track all of your achievements and hours played across platforms, support cross-platform chat, and offer various sorting, filtering, and collection comparison options. 

User data will be stored online to enable simple syncing between devices, but GOG made a point of emphasizing that privacy is paramount: It explicitly states on the Galaxy website that "we're not spying on data from your computer" and won't share it with third parties; you'll also be able to remove your imported data from Galaxy servers "with a single click." 

Signups for the "coming soon" Galaxy 2.0 beta test are now open at gogalaxy.com.    

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13 hours ago, OutandBack said:

If I don't have to deal with Epic I'm all in. This is a real head scratcher as far as how GOG will do this. Or should I say how steam Bethesda net and epic will allow them to do this.

You'll still have to buy from Epic if you want any games that they're putting out.  As far as I can tell, GOG are doing this for the 'I want all of my games in one launcher' crowd so you'll somehow tell GOG Galaxy what games you have and where the executables are on your computer (It'll probably have an automatic search come to think of it) and it'll show you what games you have installed.  That's my guess anyway.  It's possible that it will somehow access your games library on other services, but you'll need to give Galaxy access to your accounts on the other platforms.

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I signed up and got my email notice that I will be contacted when the beta starts. 


I don't plan on buying any other games from Epic. My plan is to buy a PS5 for Borderlands 3 if Epic is the only outlet.

I would like to play Metro Exodus some more once the DLC content comes out. I am hoping I can just give GOG my Account name and password.

I have uninstalled the Epic launcher as well as the Metro game files.

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