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On a different note and responding to today's stream.
Rage 2 is very much an Avalanche Studios game.  All the endless open world tasks, vehicle handling as well. Disappointed there is no jump boost though, could use that.  I also preferred the more narrative driven tactical shooter aspects of Rage 1, but I knew going in this was going to be balls to the wall insanity.
Still, they have left open a vast potential for narrative-driven games set during the Authority Wars, hopefully they do some less frenetic games in that time period in future.

The "find all crates to complete a location" is exactly the same as Just Cause 2, though at least the enemies stop respawning if you have killed them all in this game.
Its extremely annoying and could be solved by the simple addition of a focus perk which lets you see crate and pad outlines through walls.

The dozer ca be useful, I destroyed a road-block with it, quite by accident actually, while delivering it, it has awesome ram, but yeah, its really a novelty.
To handle tight turns for any vehicle at speed you want to handbrake turn in and then boost out.  Makes a huge difference.
Also to get the maximum speed don't use all the boost at once, you will go faster if you keep tapping the boost button. boost for .5 to 1 second release and then immediately re-tap, the boost lasts longer that way and you actually get more speed.

The difficulty bug might explain why I got confronted by an authority sentry turret that was dealing like level 3 attacks on level 1.

Upgrade what you use, I use wingsticks a lot so maxed them out, made a big difference.

I use the grav (double) jump just before reaching the ground on long falls, works well and doesn't slow you down like the hover thing.

As for smashable crates, I generally just shoot them, I almost always pick up enough ammo to replace what I spend.
Use your secondary weapon if you don't want to waste shells.

Races just give vehicle parts, or so I have seen in the one race I did, which gave 1 part.

Also Gopher should so play Mad Max, different style of combat, but great fun game.

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