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This is maybe a little selfish as I'm unsure of others opinions, but would it be possible to release the world map for a download? I personally had a large scale project that was in the works that was left unfinished and I would wish to try and finish the build over on creative as a future reference schematic. One major conflict I know that would come from this is possible accusations of the idea of stealing other builds which I am one to not condone; I'm very willing to show as much proof and identity to my particular project that is within my power (I had 100 hours logged onto the server and my protection is still active over it. I also have a earlier phase of the project on a singleplayer world, but not as finished as the one on the server.) I know the server isn't very much active anymore and I'm unsure whether moderators still pop in once a while to see if everyone is alright, but I would greatly appreciate if this can be done.

Coords on map: 7505, 64, -9920


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I've been personally hoping there would be a world download available someday- but probably not yet. People still get on the server and it's still open, so offering a world download would just kind of be awkward. This is more something that ought to happen when the server officially closes someday.

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The 1.12.2 server is the third server his fans made, that I knew of. Started in 1.11. Far as I know, Stivarstead Hold is still online, because it's thread is still sticky. The first Minionland was distributed for download when the current one was made. Of all the servers to be worried about losing your builds to the ether, this is not it. Just log in and build, then leave when you're done. It's been my MO for more than 5 years now.

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I wouldn't mind having it for one big reason, converting it to xbox and for phones. I successfully converted my 1.12.2 java world to bedrock on android, and am using it both in an all the mods 3 playthrough and on my phone usibng the latest 14.2 update. 

Honestly though given how amazing the minion community is, I'm willing to wait a few more years if it means more excellent builds and experiances on the main server.  That being said, there is something appealing about the java version launching a ship to mars using galacticraft or using advent of ascension to unleash rpg hell opon the crossroads or the bedrock versions portability.

Still, given its rumored to me a multi gig download, while I could play it and so could mobile users with enough space, some minion devices might have trouble playing it offline, so the servers continued exitance is a net benefit. 

I'm willing to send 3v the link to the converter jar if he would be willing to allow a conversion strictly for non java minion users, or do it myself, once the date arrives. Something to look forward to folks, minionland on ps4/droid/moddedswitch!



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Ill throw out a second petition  this year, with gopher gone from the server so many of us would enjoy being abke to play minionland with mods, with tools such as mcedits repop feature (which adds quark and other cool features to preexisting chunks if they are installed) and other tools which allow for Java to bedrock mao conversions for mobile, it would be a great way to keep the server alive. You could still keep the vanella one online. 

Ill revisit this petition in another year. 

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