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The Adventures of I : BOOK

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Just in case anyone is interested in what I have been spending my time on, here is the result. It is a book. Not a game. 


It is fiction-fantasy interwoven with math,, science, philosophy, and silliness. Possibly similar to Monty Python or Alice in Wonderland or some such. It tells the story of the book itself, at least a small part of that story, trying to not hit on anything that would get me sued. And then blends into the actual story we wrote, which borders on nonsense.

The math-science was created 50 years ago by high school students but is still beyond state of the art... somewhere between fringe science and next-gen science. Math, the same. The fantasy story is way out there. It was considered hilarious by about 50 high school students. It violates every rule of grammar known... I think. That's probably an exaggeration.

Numerous people have been asking me for the last 50 years when I was going to type it up. So here it is and I hope someone here might find it a pleasant read.

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