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Drinks for the thirsty, homes for the homeless :D

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Greetings, fellow minions!

I started a series of Player Home mods for Skyrim Special Edition.

I've been playing and learning Creation Kit, and made quite a few houses. I uploaded my last 4 creations to Nexus mods, when I actually felt comfortable with the tools and I'm sure everything works fine. 

I wanted to share with you :D You might find something for your roleplaying needs :p


First one is "Just a House", and believe it or not, it just works :D

Just a House.


The second one is a reeking riekling house. This one was really fun to make. Muwafathoo!

Reekling Home


The third one is a Dunmer themed simple house, with an alchemy bench.

Humble Houses - Dunmer


And the last one, by request, a humble home for hunters.

Humble Houses - Hunter


I plan to add a few more features, like different locations and different setups for every house (at least those in the Humble Houses series).

I also have a few more houses on the way :D


Check them out and if you have any suggestions, advises or critics, feel free to tell me!

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The Just a House is very nice. You could add some rugs (skins) on the floor and hanging things like garlic, elves ear, rabbits, fish to give it a homier feel. The hanging decoration in the bedroom is a little low and could be placed better. You could also add a couple of empty bottles, baskets, wood, maybe some flowers laying on the table or on the shelf. 

The Rickling Shack is also very nice. Could use more skins on the walls and floors and maybe a few reikling spears stuck here and there. The scathcrow out front is a nice touch. Did you warn users that you need the DLC for those assets? I didn't get a warning in the download panel. I also don't see a warning on the mod page.

The Dunmer House is not identified. The name just says "House." The location description is too vague and should say "west of the large lake." The house is very nice with all the little dunmer touches, but again the walls and floor are too bare. I know nothing about the Dunmer but I suppose furs and herbs (hanging garlic, etc) on the walls and furs on the floors. There is also an alchemy bench so the hanging herbs are a must. A shelf of herbs that the player can't touch, like in Solitude, would be nice.

The Hunter's Shack could use a set of deer antlers on the wall, a sabercat rug, and hanging rabbits. It also needs a couple of cheap bows and some iron arrows.

I like all four houses and the concept behind them. Beginners houses that just give you a place to sleep, cook, and store stuff. The alchemy bench is not too overpowered for a beginner, since there are alchemy benches all over that are just inconvenient to get to. I do not really like player homes with self sorting features and tons of containers. I can never find my stuff in them. The player homes I make always have full smithing, enchanting, smelting, alchemy and four chests: Books, alchemy, smithing, and everything else. I usually carry my soul gems on me, but some people like a container near the enchanter. I often put a fountain and plants in my larger houses just for fun. I don't like houses with interior doors because load doors take too long and I get impatient. Same with fancy special effects. Special effects are cool but everything that takes time is annoying. Elianor makes nice houses.

I like the idea of the Dunmer house but it would take some research to add the proper elements to give it that homey Dunmer uniqueness. But this idea could be applied to all your houses to make each one more unique to the house type. More interesting. More strange. I think you can do some of this without making new items. Personally I go overboard on making my own assets. I don't do much with meshes but I like to make my own textures. I don't think I put up any of my house or dungeon mods on Nexus. I put up some assets on Steam as a test. Unfortunately, downloading that little mod nothing worked properly. Some assets disappeared and the fairies became immobile and lost their wings. It is really annoying when assets require stuff not in your mod and you don't know what is missing.   :lol:


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Hey, thanks for the suggestions!

That is indeed something I need to look into. It's hard to find the sweet spot for a "humble" house, I always find myself adding tons of stuff and then going back to the beginning and starting over because I've overdone it.

Most mod houses you see on the Nexus are busy-looking and full equipped houses. That's the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to keep the decorations as neutral as possible, so that people don't think "I want this house but with/without X thing".

My first one, actually got a few requests, like adding a chair, shrines, removing items, etc (you can see the comments), so I decided to rebuild it from scratch with a few more options.


Floors and walls definitely need more work.  And as you pointed out, an ingredient's container in the alchemist house is a big oversight. I'll fix it asap.


The "house" label is on purpose. There's no way of knowing it is a "Dunmer house" or an "Alchemist house" from the outside. Actually all of the houses are labeled "house", because that's what they are. I don't want to give them fancy names.

As for the description being vague, you could always look at the picture of the map :D But yes, I need to be more specific.


Thank you!

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I understand the concept of labeling them "House" but in game the player does not know where they are most of the time and finding a "House" does not feel like a "player home". There may be other views but there must be better labeling options than just "House." Maybe "at least, "Home?" Not sure. "House just seems too generic.

While searching for your houses I found a number of hunting camps with chests labeled "My Stuff." I don't know which mod is adding these camps but they are really nice because all the player chests are linked so they contain all your stuff. That is a really nice feature. Using this, you could make a mod containing a half dozen houses with common storage and call it "Convenient Houses." I actually considered doing this but have not had time. I also considered linking the storage containers in all the existing houses, but I am not sure if that would be considered too over powered..

Seems like I recall an Argonian home in Oblivion that was partly flooded with lots of water plants and animals. I think it was on the east side of the Cyrodil lake.

I made mushroom houses using my own assets, but you could borrow assets from Dragonborn. You could even put it in Solsteim.

I suspect you have already considered both of these.


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