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New Video: Tamriel Maid Service

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"Castle Albanna Entry Testing"

Flyddon asked me to try breaking the mini-quest for getting into Castle Albanna...

...and, it seems, the only way...is to watch this video to find out how :)

In case you didn't notice, I released another Wasteland Maid Service video the other day...along with editing four others I did in the last week...

...and recording another one yesterday, which I still need to edit, along with another 40 or so hours of the Tamriel Maid Service...

So, I've been a little busy...

And Bunny Boo has come a long way since this episode was made, wait 'til you get a load of some of the stuff I've found :)

Enjoy :) 

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Okey-dokey...got this posted for you guys and gals to see what sort of improvements you can expect from my videos from now on...   The mic was set a little low, so I'll get that fixed b

I know, two weeks later... I am so, so, so far ahead of this in recordings, like 40 hours I need to edit... But, I have a new mousepad now, and a new mouse, and a new Blue Yeti...

Here's another one...with more to come. 😃 I'll be putting more up, more often, now that things are going steady at work (yeah, I know, I get my act together, and the world crumbles around me righ

Ok, back to what we were up to already...exploration...

Don't worry, only the very start has a little darkness, and a little swimming :)

Still didn't know much about anything back then, besides what I'd been reading in books...

It is funny to look back two months into the past, to see what I was up to then, compared to now...

We were pretty busy at work back then, so, on Saturday morning at 8:30 am, after thinking about getting back to the game all week, I'd have to watch what I'd recorded the week before, half awake, just to keep up...

And no, recording during the week, or, even playing, isn't really an option, due to my mom either yelling about politics or blasting the TV out in the living room, which is why I wait until Saturday, while she's at work the one day she cleans for her last client...

...yes, she's a maid... :)

Guess it runs in the family, or...something...dunno... :D

Enjoy :)

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