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would i be possible for gopher be able to do a set up on fallout new veges? when he did his video on NMM it really helped me understand how the mod manager worked and help me set up NMM for FONV the right way. 

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Good thought. Most of Gopher's game set-up videos are using NMM and he really has not done an actual set-up video on Vortex yet. He needs to redo all his old set-up videos for Vortex since NMM will be taken down eventually.

Vortex is a lot easier to use and he may feel it unnecessary to do set-up videos. Vortex handles installation and ordering by itself and tells you what the problems are so you can fix them. You can fiddle with Vortex but I have not found it necessary. I just did a fresh install on Fallout 4 correcting the problems Vortex reported but installing about a hundred mods. Works fine.

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