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Gopher's Minions

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Brainstorm ideas:

gopherGopher (animal, based off of the ceiling picture)

gopherWhiskey (based on the jackswhiskey texture mod, if [uSER=743]@Six[/uSER] would be willing and able to simplify that into an emote? :D)


gopherStiv (animal with helmet)

gopherBoom (explosives)

gopherGG (although gopherVaultStiv does that now)

xcom related emotes:

gopherRIP (gravestone with stiv logo?)


gopherLuck (animal with a lucky clover)

I think at this point we would also need Payday related emotes? Don't have much inspiration for that at the moment...

gopherHeadshot (scope sight)

gopherFailtrain (or just gopherFail)

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So i took you feedback and i ended up with this :)


Then again, at 28x28 no one is gonna be able to read the text on that. You might wanna use that space to enlarge the hat? Maybe even get rid of the thingy beneath the hat too, in the end. dunno.

Edit: after scaling it to 28x28, the edges seem a little feeble too.

But great concept otherwise :)

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Thread necroing initiated since Gopher himself mentioned the possibility of new emoticons on his stream. The ideas we got were as follows:

gopherLoot (self explanatory)

gopherRemoveDiscord (to surpass gopherFreeze, as Discord was found out to cause freezing)

gopherJail (given the Dark Lord's newfound desire to jail people)

gopherSmite (Smitestick or death!)

gopherCake (Yup)

gopherCheats (Brought up by the sudden repeated usage of /fly command)

gopherBarry (There needs to be something to remember the sexy beast by)

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