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Gopher's Minions

2nd Anniversary Event: The Great Parrot Hunt


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Wanted: Dead or Alive

New Mistral safehouse plundered by feathered fiends! Security officer Tirius13 found dead at the scene, murder weapon identified as music disc marked ""chirp"". Harbor watchman Tirius79 sacked for failing to uphold port security. Alderman Tirius52 denies blocking needed defense budget, points finger at local bird watchers society. Town council in disarray. Public called in to assist in recovery of stolen goods. Crimimals last spotted fleeing in multiple directions while carrying loot.

Attention! Have you seen these parrots? A substantial reward is offered for anyone who can uncover the whereabouts of the infamous 'Parrot Posse', a gang of 10 beaked hudlums. They are winged and dangerous, and suspects in many ongoing investigations. Please contact Tirius82, chief investigator, with any information.

"It's a bad day for honest parrots." - Fish, spokesperson of New Mistral bird watchers society.


Following GrogStache's cheese hunt, I am pleased to announce a second 'scavenger hunt' on the Minionland server. Your goal is to find 10 parrots hidden across the map. Each parrot has a name with a number attached to it, found on a sign. Put the names in alphabetical order, and the numbers will form a set of x and z coordinates (xxxxx,xxxxx). Travel to these coordinates to collect a prize. There are 10 prizes available, which decrease in value as more are claimed.


  • There are no parrots in the Nether or End.
  • There are no parrots underground.
  • If you stumble upon the prize location without having found all 10 parrots first, you may still collect a prize.
  • One prize per person. If you're doing the hunt with a friend, you may collect one each.
  • All parrots look like the picture in the wanted poster above, but each is slightly different.

Are you having trouble? In the spoiler tags below, you will find some clues.


Parrots are social creatures. They prefer to remain near people.


The names of the parrots are themselves clues to their locations.

Good hunting, have fun, and beware... these birds mean business! :D

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