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Fallout 76 (Gameplay) - Anti 4K Rant!

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I cannot tell you how often a development department gets saddled with implementing features in a product that the sales department has promised a customer without the slightest clue whether it is feasible or how much work it will take.  Even better are the instances where the sales guy just flat-out lied about a feature already existing and the developers now have to implement it yesterday at the latest.  Such fun.

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Just so you understand where I'm looking at this from. I started playing games on the C64 for about a year. Long story short, When I got to the point of playing again I compared prices of consoles and pc. From that point it was I could afford. I do believe there are a lot pc gamers, but there are a lot of people that can not afford a high end gaming pc (or even a medium gaming pc). I think the reason for the console play was not only for serious players, It was for everyone to see the game. I do play single player on my pc, I also play multi player on the One.

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