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The Lolzor Show

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I really really really like the title of this thread

Hello Hello!

And welcome to the Lolzor show!

If I'm about to stream I'll announce it here.

Now, keep in mind that I'm in the European timezone.

I refuse will not maybe will sometimes stream using my actual voice (even though I don't like using it <<)

I do not know exactly which games I'll play.

(*cough* 250 games , over 1400 euros spent just on games *cough*)

I take suggestions. (because I am so famous that I will actually recieve suggestions...)


Ah yes almost forgot: www.twitch.tv/imnotlolzor <- My streaming channel.


[01.03.15 16:00 - Hotline Miami 2]

[??.??.15 ??:?? - Team Fortress 2]

[??.??.15 ??:?? - Live Modding (Suggestions?)]

[??.??.?? ??:?? - ?]

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