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Hello fellow Minion,

I don't know how many of you check Kickstarter often, but I'd like to highlight this "little" projectLex Arcana is one of the classics among Italian RPGs (as Das Schawarze Auge is in Germany) and it's coming back for the first time since 1993. I admit I'm very biased about this game: the authors are my friends, the publisher is both my friend and my boss and it has been among my favorite RPGs since forever.

If you want some author credits, Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi are the creators of The One Ring and War of the Ring, Leo Colovini created Bang! and Dario DeToffoli has so many games to his name that I don't know where to start.

As for the setting, this is not your run of the mill fantasy. Lex Arcana is about ancient Rome and the classic Greek-Roman mythology.

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