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I will no longer be visiting these forums. I want to make it clear that this does not mean that I was disappointed with them in any way. I am simply reducing my internet presence because there are too many logins for me to keep track of anymore. Thank you all, for your work, and fun. :D Don't worry, you'll still see me around Gopher's YouTube and Twitch channels, and possibly even in Discord.

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I never even used banking sites, and I don't know what HOA is... But this flush includes any site I haven't visited in at least 6-12 months: including a few major ones (facebook), several that I only signed up for in case I wanted to do something later (wikias), and a few one-offs that wanted me to sign up just to play a game from steam (Paradox games, for example). I've basically narrowed my activities down to less than 20 sites I'm actually active on. And when I set up my will, I'm going to try to remember to include logins that my attorney could use to properly shut down the rest. I ain't getting any younger, and I don't want to have a zombie presence if unforeseen circumstances befall me.

One of my nephew's friends from school died in a car accident recently, which got me thinking about how much time I spend online, among other things. Honestly, I've never felt better. :D

NOTE: I haven't completely gotten rid of these forums just yet, because I knew some of you might want to give helpful feedback. But, after this thread eventually drops by the wayside, that'll be it for here.

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