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There's a new, and HUMONGOUS overhaul mod to Fallout 4 called "Horizon", and I was wondering if anyone here had played it, especially Gopher. If anyone has played it, I was wondering what your overall thoughts on it are, and if not....well here's a link to the mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17374?tab=description
Also, being on the suggestions page, I'm just leaving a suggestion that maybe @Gopher give this mod a shot, as it seems to be right up his alley

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I installed this mod on 13 March and used it ever since. I am not sure what it does. The game seems pretty much the same. I haven't used the cargobot. I suppose I have not really used many of its new features, or maybe I just got used to them. I did notice the new settler behavior which is nice. I have not used the Experimental Lab. I do not use the Robot system very often. I don't break locks because they are so easy to pick. Yes there are changes to settlements and building, but I do not like all of the changes.

Generally I am more impressed by mods that add new territory and quests. Or overhaul the visuals and sound.

Gopher might do a mod review but I do not think it lends itself to be used as the basis of a play-through. 

I am part of a team on Dark Creations developing an expansion for Fallout 4, but the coordinator hasn't been working with the team so I think the project is on permanent hold. I am still working on my expansion for Skyrim SE.

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