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DISHONORED - Death of the Outsider #1 : Learning to Lurk once more

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Copy Paste from Gopher:

Todays Dishonored video was pulled due to a fairly bad audio glitch. This was NOT due to the 1440p up-scaling before anybody screams that is :) It is due to my 'old' capture card having issues with Windows 10 updates. This has been happening for several months, and you can hear it on occasion in my videos. The problem is that is corrupts the audio streams a little, but not fatally because Vegas Pro 12 handled it well. Unfortunately Vegas Pro 15 seems a lot more sensitive to the audio glitches, and it basically had odd time frame issues with audio being repeated. Now I am trying out a new capture card, and I am using different software to record with this, and so far I am not seeing any audio glitching. So this is something I will be able to fix, but for the next week or so there may be a lot of odd things ahppening as I am making changes to various parts of this setup. 


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Either there is a glitch on YouTube or I simply can't play this video.

It tried to play and then apparently timed out.

The error message I get is "This Video is unavailable."

Is this what you mean by the video was pulled?

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