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Skyrim SE - 1080p to 1440p Upsampling TEST : Do you see a difference?

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Yes there is less artifacting; based on some of the YT comments you should release a 1080p version so people have something to compare it to, or explain that the cog wheel has to be selected, there's also a lot of "noise" in the YT comments one fool commenting that it wasn't recorded at a high enough bitrate to begin with o0. Some people seem to think they are looking at two different bit rates in the same video without making an adjustment themselves. ;) However like I've been saying 1080p60 = 12mbs. 1440p60 =24mbs Also, the roads around Riften with the aspen trees is a good spot to test bandwidth differences. The amphibious rabbit jumping out of the water at 1:15 is much easier to pick out, Stiv would approve

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On a 1080p monitor (2560x1080), the difference was most obvious in the first 6 seconds. Watching at 1080p there is obvious artifacting around the soldier up the trail walking right to left; almost ghostly. Watching at 1440p it was much better.

Another good test would be darker interior areas.


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2 hours ago, Arjy Yu said:

looks like even my main bandwidth is not enough for 1440p - thats disappointing ...

Ouch, well you haven't lost 1080p, that and all the lower resolutions still work even on 4k videos; or you could leave it to buffer for a while.

I remember trying to watch movie trailers on apple movie trailers site. with 56k dial up those 480p where painful.

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