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SKYRIM - Special Edition #25 : Skeevers with Fireballs

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38:38 "I'd much rather be in a palace relieving, young ladies of old artifacts ... yes indeed .... or even old ladies of young artifacts, you know what .. expand your mind ........................ Ok that went a place I really did not intend to go ..aaahh... moving on" I had to pause while I recomposed myself.

39:16 Yes stimpacks reference ;)

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1 hour ago, Arjy Yu said:

this mod he is using to make the smiths do all uprading for him - does it work for enchanters as well?

if it does, he probably should start preparing magic-resistant gear too

I am not sure, but I am running both this mod and one that allows you to get enchanting done at the College. I don't need either mod as I am Smithing 100 and Enchanting 100. I don't think the mod allows you to buy double enchantments so I do that myself. I also use All Enchantments on armor and weapons. It is overkill as all enchantments max out around 80% or so. Also high enchantments on armor and weapons glitches out and reverts to unenchanted.

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