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Tree of the Nine Worlds

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I decided to do a large build, inspired by those before me doing more than I have so far (World Tree does not count as I merely assisted in fleshing it out not design / initial build).n This is in. the very SE corner of the map X14999 Z 14999. 


Yes another large tree...bases loosely on the Norse Mythology - a Large multi branched Tree with platforms for the Worlds....I have started & had some much appreciated assistance from Shawn & Brinicio & Generic Overlord & Xanthir and WikingWing for the redstone repair / reworking.

If anyone else would like to assist I would be more that willing to accept sugestions / build assitance etc.  I have plenty of partially started sub builds & some ideas but open to more.


Part builds needing completion -

A) Tunnel from teh SE corner Slipstream to tree base - only a lit rock tunnel at present needs work to make it presentable.

b) Lights around the top of the pyramid walls need completing

c) Ground level entrance through the wall & into a third root needs constructing

d) Minionland platform mostly done but needs some additons (Midgard Level)

e) Arboria level done & trees placed but needs lighting & a little building added (Alfheim Level)

f) Bone boat sailing out of Ice Portal (Helheim) done but could be better

g) Double spawner (Spider & Cave Spider) done by Brinicio & Generic Overlord)

h) Trunks of tree slowly rising up to 160 on one as main trunk being split then branches added so the other Worlds will be added over time.


Any assistance offers go to the Crossroads Waterfront district, the Eternal Respawners Guild office to apply.




Good building to all



(aka Oh my goodness what have I started...#Blame Jeancly)


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