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6 hours ago, Sup3rNo7a said:

I've never really understood the point in making mods ESM files. Other than ensuring that they come before everything else in the load order, is there any actual technical benefit to them being ESM files over ESP files?

Master files (.esm) are just that: Masters, files that .esps use. Some moders convert extra large .esp files to .esms so that Creation Kit doesn't glitch. DLCs are generally so large that they need to be .esms to load properly. Also .esms are more likely to have .esps using them. 

They were invented by Bethesda when they made Construction Kit for Morrowind. This made it easy to keep the .esms at the top of the load order and the .esps loaded afterwards. esp files modify esms.  This distinction is still being used by Bethesda but will probable not be carried into the future as systems and engines improve..

Vortex identifies dependencies so that load order is established directly and the distinctions between .esp and .esm is becoming obsolete.

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