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Welcome, one and all to the Minionland RP!

It has been talked about for quite a while, with multiple forum posts and in-game discussion, but here it is! This will be the Official In Character(IC) Post area for the Minionland RP! If you want to write about your town, kingdom or nation and the things it is doing, this is the place! I hope for everyone involved to have fun:D


Story Prologue:


They year is 100 After Collapse(AC). Decades have passed since the dark lord has left the lands of minionland. his once world-encompassing Dark Dominion has fallen apart, and new nations have emerged from the ashes of his once powerful kingdom. Will they pledge their allegiance to the loyalists, who fight for both the recreation of the Dark Dominion and for the Dark Lord's return, or plot their own path and strive towards an empire of their own? Only time will truly tell...

Game Details:


NOTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE WILL AFFECT ANYONE IN GAME!(Ex. if there is a war and a nation loses land in a peace deal, they don't lose anything within game.)

Tech Gap: to balance the game better, there will be a soft tech gap at the year 1939: any major tech developments afterwards will be by default barred from use(ex: nukes, computers, robotics, jet engines, the whole shebang). However, fantasy techs(super-vehicles, airships, other nice stuff like these) are allowed if they fit the tech cap, but be warned, they must be balanced so they do not steamroll everything(ex: massive tanks would probably be very slow and consume lots of fuel, airships are prone to combustion and sometime can be hard to properly fly...)

More details will be added here later, after voting from players occurs.

Player List:


United Rynorian Empire - Lord Ryno - Central East


Staalbjerg(The Land of Iron) - Vault - North East



Rule List:


1) No Trolling(screwing with others on purpose) Or God-Modding(making yourself much near or fully invincible)!

2) Op's word is the final say in matters, but if there may be an unreasonable decision, please speak up.

3) Don't jump forward in time too far, only 3 weeks or so max between posts.

4) Don't ruin the experience for others! be kind and considerate to your fellow posters:)

5) Have Fun:)

More may be added with time and experience, so check back once and a while:)

Other Information:


Head of RP: ThatGuyBoom

How do I Join?

1) Join the discord server(Link: https://discord.gg/2BsSMmY)

2) Go to the Application channel and fill in the application prompt:

Nation’s Name:

Location(Either North, South, East, West or Central):

Government Type:


Capital City(Name of your Capital city):


Military Size:

History(as much or as little as you want to say, from creation to present day):

Flag(Photo of a flag, this is optional but can be useful to help identify your nation. here)

3) Ill check through and add you to the list of players:)


Edited by ThatGuyBoom

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Establishment of the Imperial Armaments National Recruitment Office

It has been just over one year since the second attempted Coup d'état against Emperor Vladimir Rustikov 1st and the resulting dismantlement of the armed forces. During this time the Imperial Arms Defense Force has grown into one of the most well trained and loyal military forces in the world, but an unfortunate result of this is the slow recruitment and training time the Imperial Arms Defense Force is rather small relative to the size of the nation that it protects. 

To solve this issue both the Emperor and the head generals of the Imperial Arms Defense Force have decided that they will open limited recruitment to the best and brightest Rynorian citizens with the eventual aim to bring the Imperial Arms Defense Force up to the same size as the former Rynorian Armed Forces.

Current military size: 400,000 active / 200,000 reserve 

Targeted military size: 800,000 active / 400,000 reserve

Due to the slow training time this is planed to take place over the course of a few years, after which the necessary of the Imperial Armaments National Recruitment Office will be evaluated and it will be shut down if no longer required.


Non sibi sed patriae, non sibi sed omnibus, gloriam Rynoria, imperium vivat.

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