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Help Save the whales and pygmies of New Guinea... I publish my Mod

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OK not really!  But you could make my day brighter. 

I have just completed my first  Skyrim Mod,  Castle Albanna  , A Player home with a fully custom voiced follower.     https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89485

So if your still playing or can play Skyrim (old version) go download it and endorse (if it so warrant's that) and tell me how wonderful it is and how your life has been enriched by the mod.  (you can lie to me, it's ok).

Really it has been 10 months in the making, learning CK and the crappy a$$ scripting it uses, then the  Vo and getting that to work.   But I liked it and hope you will to.  There are plans to port over to Skyrim SE.

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Ignore Flyddon's strange sense of humor... the mod has nothing to do with whales, New Guinea, or pygmies... it is about a vampire ... :lol:

I helped Flyddon with testing and suggestions starting back in 2016. The mod has come a long way since then and is worth the effort. Flyddon has the idea that quests do not need to hold the player's hand so it does not have quest markers and does not update the quest as you complete tasks. So this is not a mistake. It was done deliberately. If you are willing to play without quest markers and updates this is an excellent and interesting mod.

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