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So how's everyone's day been going?

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Hi Dylan, My days been great. Made a post office run where I sent my nephew some camping gear so he could take his son camping for the first time. I can't wait to see the pict from their trip. Then I went to the gym and got luck with the wify when I got home, had a steak on the grill for dinner. Now I have several LPs to catch up on.

So life could not be any better. I please pretty easily these days. How was yours?

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Hi Dylan. I, like Outland am pretty easily pleased. I went to dinner with friends and played a couple of games of Rumikube. I think that is the name of the game...?

Played some Skyrim and Forest. Looked at some new neat mods. Answered some questions on Quora. Generally a busy day.

Hope your day is as good!   Have Fun!

You are not exactly new, but welcome to the forums!

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My day... you ask how my day was?    Great, it was great!  I didn't get hit by a meteor, I was able to get new tires for my car and my Daughter told me she had a great day today (watching TV).   My Director at work is off this week so, I had 2 skype meetings from home and called it a day.  I too also got lucky with the wife today... by lucky I mean she didn't bitch slap me about the back yard work I have not completed yet... so yea   Great day.

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