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Historical indie AAA by An Egyptian studio


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Hi everybody :D

Rumbling games is an upcoming game development studio located in Egypt

our studio aims to offer a real value AAA gaming for an average cost respecting all gamers time and money

we are developing a huge game project titled "Knights of Light" which is a 3rd person action adventure rpg game

the game theme and setting is the medieval ages specifically in the middle east

the story events and characters are based on actual authentic historical battles that was never introduced before

the world is an accurate representation of the land of Iraq with its various different terrains and landscapes

the environment will feature the magnificent Sasanian art and architecture like the hanging gardens

our targeted playing hours is 60 hours plus with two expansions


check out our work in progress game world
and for PC gamers check out our NVIDIA gameworks features
and if you are interested you can subscribe for the demo here


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