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Gopher's Minions

SKYRIM - Special Edition #1 : So how was your day?

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Great start, just took 5 minutes before I laughed at one of his comments.  "Ok, I am already carrying to much.  I do hope that does not become a habit."  ... Yeah, right !! We all know Gopher and his loot obsession !!  :P

Really looking forward to the rest of the series, gonna be a fun couple months, year(s) !! :o:P

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I really enjoyed watching that video. I do hope to get to know our new friend better, when the story progresses further.

And I also laughed out loud for that loot joke. It was right on spot. :lol:

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The continuing adventure of Lenny No-Pants, as he strives to become be-trousered (em-pants-ipated?) again.

9:48 – "Oh God.  I tripped over…  I'm actually damaged."

Yup, you got boned.  I this the first time you got boned?  Let me tell you, all the bones in Skyrim are possessed by the evil, vengeful spirits of the deceased, hungering for the blood of the living.  At the slightest tough, they start bouncing and flying around crazily as if… well, as if they were possessed by evil, vengeful spirits.

Watch this Khajiit thie explorer attempt to reach a guarded chest.


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2 hours ago, Yarukidaro said:

Hmmm, I'm starting to want to see a children mod for their appearance added to the LO.

In my present thief play-through I decided to be a child. A budding thief. I thought it would be funny to be a Babbett style thief... not a vampire. So I chose a female nord about 10 years old. I used alternate start and started her in jail. Obviously arrested for thievery. So far I have been caught three times and avoided jail by sweet talking the guards. I used Thieves Guild Requirements to set pickpocket at 20 pockets picked, 400 items stolen, and stealth at 30. I have just been accepted to the thieves guild. I am avoiding main line quests. Playing this character is odd. She is very mischievous, hates fighting, takes anything that is not nailed down and is currently quite rich.  

Oh! And she loves alchemy because she can make invisibility potions... :D 

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