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My Fallout New Vegas Modding Curse

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 So... After much consideration I've realized I don't have the motivation to mod Skyrim or Fallout 4 once, but am willing to mod New Vegas again and again just trying to get it right,

Off I went, taking my time, noting down each and every installation, doing a crash test every 10 mods to see if the game can handle me walking from Goodsprings to Primm and I'm crashing on my second test (21 mods)

1.      NVSE

2.      4GB Patcher

3.      DarnUI (Check If Game Boots Up After INI Changes, quick copy paste at bottom)

4.      One Hud

5.      One Hud Darnified Patch

6.      One Tweak

7.      MCM

8.      Project Nevada

9.      Project Nevada Extra Options

10.   UIO (Test 1 – Walk from Goodsprings to Mojave Outpost)

11.   ADAM

12.   Better Game Performance

13.   JIP LN

14.   CASM

15.   Weapon Mods Expanded

16.   WMX DLC

17.   New Vegas Stutter Remover

18.   New Vegas Anti Crash

19.   Courier’s Stash Integration – WMX Version

20.   Simple DLC Delay (Test 2 – Crash)

21.   Zan AutoPerge Crash Protector (Test 3 – Also Crash)

I'm amazed I fucked up in record time, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love the suggestions, if anyone was willing to sit down with me for a while and go through getting my game ready then I'd be in eternal debt (If you do want to lend me a hand, send me a message on Discord, username's BlackLightParadox#9576. I'm British so apologies if I respond at an awkward time)

I blame Red Dragon for cursing me btw :P


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I have never used One Tweak, nor UIO nor ADAM nor Better Game Performance, nor JIP LN nor Courier's Stash Integration, nor Simple DLC Delay nor ZanAutoPerge. So it is probably in one of them. Most of these are supposed to make the machine run better. Because so many of these improvement mods could be trying to do the same thing, I would guess it is one of them.

I'm running about 150 mods in FNV without any CTDs.

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ADAM dosen't improve game performance, no Courier's Stash Intergration or Simple DLC Delay, and I'll just have to poke through I guess. Cheers

UPDATE: I tried a test without the last 4 mods, and whats strange, and I should've mentioned this before, is all the crashes take place in roughly the same area, just passed the highway patrol station in near where you'll be sent by Ranger Jackson to clear out Ants, any thoughts?
UPDATE le second: Did a test with no crashes, just had to reinstall UIO.

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