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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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22 minutes ago, Beuwolf said:

In the beginning he is crap in doing anything, but as he finds better armour and traning he gets better, just as in real life.

Never truer words spoken!  specially   "Just as in real life".

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Need to come up with some way to remember what stuff I should keep and not sell.  Was following a treasure map and found the place, which was buried so needed my shovel.  Checked horse and realized it was gone. Hmm, went home and checked chest, not there either, soooo most have dropped it or sold it sometime, no clue when ! :P  Then looking in the armour shop on stuff and realizing mossing a armour piece that's needed when you using the bow (which you get a cheap one when you do the first bow practise in game) so now have to wear one that is marked as stolen for the moment, so have to be careful ! :P

But really liking the game still, having some days off coming up so hopefully be able to put some hours into it !

And here is some screen shoots for you to ponder over. :P




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